Why Acrylic is All the Rage this Wedding Season

There are many materials used to make save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding favors and more. Acrylic is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity in the wedding world. With acrylic you get the benefit of a sturdy material (like wood) with the print-ability of high-quality paper!


 (Credit goes to Sheryl Bracken at Paper Moxie for the design and accompanying paper materials for these gorgeous invitations!)

We are seeing more and more requests for color printed and engraved acrylic save the dates and wedding invitations. So much can be done to an acrylic invitation to make it unique and special for your wedding day. Brides are becoming so creative; adding gems, lace, bows and more to make an already elegant piece even more beautiful!

Acrylic comes in many colors. It can be engraved, cut and shaped, or colored just the way you like to match the colors and theme of your wedding day.  If you are looking for a beautiful way to put a spin on something traditional for your wedding, acrylic is the way to go!


(Credit goes to Sheryl Bracken at Paper Moxie for the design and accompanying paper materials for these gorgeous invitations!)

Starting at just $1.25 for save the dates and $4.25 for invitations make your wedding day even more memorable with acrylic save the dates, invitations and wedding favors!

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