The Best Wood Invitation Alternative

Do you like the rustic look of wood but don’t want to break the bank? Try wood veneer. A thin slice of wood printed with your invitation design.

Walnut Veneer Invitation

Elegant yet durable.

What do you think of this Cherry Veneer Print?
Cherry Veneer

Wood Venner invitations are guaranteed to make an impression and serves as a memoir of your perfect day.

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New Save the Dates


It’s wedding season and there are about eight Save the Date photos of your beloved friends hanging off your fridge. You strategically allocate your precious magnetic resources but they somehow still seem to fall anytime anyone shuts the door. Your refrigerator is cluttered, your family is scared to get the milk. Your utility bill gets lost underneath ‘Kevin and Emily 2017′ That’s two years away. So Emily of her.

One more comes in the mail.

But wait. This one isn’t like the others.

It’s sturdy. It’s wood. Or it’s acrylic. And wait. It’s also a magnet. You’re blown away by how cool the design is. How simple and surprisingly efficient. You place this Save the Date on top of all the others. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. AND USEFUL. And you’ll keep it forever because those are your friends and family and you love them, but also because you need more magnets.

Give your friends and family a unique way to remember your big day.

Save the Date

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Go Green..and by green we mean Blue Pine

Mountain Pine Beetles have been devastating to Rock Mountain forests. Outbreaks of these beetles can cause tree loss by the millions. Mountain pine beetles develop in pines, particularly ponderosa, lodgepole, Scotch and limber pine. Once a tree is infected with the insects there is nothing that can be done and the tree will inevitably die. These dead trees then become a fire hazard since they dry up quickly.The blue hue in the wood is caused by a fungus the beetles introduce. (Totally harmless)

Instead of cutting down new healthy trees, many Colorado wood companies have started using the fallen blue pine for the their products. Many people think the markings are aesthetically pleasing and appreciate the fact that they are using recycled material. We happen to agree and love when our customers choose Blue Pinekill wood for their wedding invites!

Check out a few of our clients’ invites who decided to go green. Or blue.




Discover your perfect Wedding Invitation Design

Everyone is different and every relationship is different.

So why make a wedding invitation that blends in with the rest of them? Cursive print on card stock not really your thing? Ours neither.

Cowboy Boot

Whether your style is elegant and classic or fun and contemporary, wedding invites can be a great way to express your declaration of love. Create something that is unique to your own relationship, something that is clearly evocative of your individual personalities. Making these special invites on a durable material that you will keep forever is just another reason why you should put extra consideration into the announcement of your once in a life time union.


In need of some design inspiration? Scroll through our gallery of already made engraved wedding invites here! At Unique Custom Products we also have talented graphic designers to help you think up the perfect wedding invitation.





Why Acrylic is All the Rage this Wedding Season

There are many materials used to make save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding favors and more. Acrylic is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity in the wedding world. With acrylic you get the benefit of a sturdy material (like wood) with the print-ability of high-quality paper!


 (Credit goes to Sheryl Bracken at Paper Moxie for the design and accompanying paper materials for these gorgeous invitations!)

We are seeing more and more requests for color printed and engraved acrylic save the dates and wedding invitations. So much can be done to an acrylic invitation to make it unique and special for your wedding day. Brides are becoming so creative; adding gems, lace, bows and more to make an already elegant piece even more beautiful!

Acrylic comes in many colors. It can be engraved, cut and shaped, or colored just the way you like to match the colors and theme of your wedding day.  If you are looking for a beautiful way to put a spin on something traditional for your wedding, acrylic is the way to go!


(Credit goes to Sheryl Bracken at Paper Moxie for the design and accompanying paper materials for these gorgeous invitations!)

Starting at just $1.25 for save the dates and $4.25 for invitations make your wedding day even more memorable with acrylic save the dates, invitations and wedding favors!

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Custom Wood & Acrylic Wedding Menus

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts about a wedding is the food!  Wedding food offers insight into the bride and groom’s personal style and can set the tone of the wedding reception.  Is this a fancy-schmancy cocktail reception or a kick-off-your-shoes barbecue shindig?  Food speaks to us, why not give it the presentation it deserves?
One wedding item growing in popularity is the customized wedding menu.  Why give every other aspect of your wedding the attention it deserves and then forget about the food?  Together, you and your partner can create a custom wedding menu as unique as your meal choices.  Both acrylic and wood can be cut and shaped any way you want it and you can engrave or color print them!  The possibilities are endless.
At Unique Custom Products we offer a variety of one of a kind wood and acrylic wedding menus.   
Starting at just $3.99 you can add some extra flair to your wedding reception and truly impress your guests.  Don’t stop at the wedding dress, flowers or table toppers, make your wedding day as unique and special as you and your partner, right down to the menu presentation! 
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Wooden Wedding Invitations

Unique Custom Products prides itself on its ability to produce a wide range of professionally crafted wooden invitations to encourage your invitees to save your date. These invitations are perfect for persons considering a rustic wedding theme as they are unique and portray your sense of style.


Wooden invitations are attention-grabbers so your invitees are sure to be persuaded to come and be a part of your big day.


Our reputation in quality products and services is what makes us perfect for creating your wooden wedding invitations.

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Invite A2 Alder Engraved Walnut Wood White Powder Fill- StacyHart


Wooden Wedding Favors

Unique Custom Products prides itself on its ability to produce a wide range of professionally crafted wooden favors to add to your wedding’s decor:

  • Keepsake Boxes

  • Bookmarks

  • Key Chains

  • Picture Frames

  • Magnetic Favors, and so much more


These wedding favors are sure to ‘wow’ your guests and make your rustic wedding simply amazing.


Our determination to produce quality products and service to our customers is what makes us the best for your wooden wedding favor needs.

Show your guests how much you value their presence. Contact us today.


Wooden Placecards

Unique Custom Products offers a wide range of professionally crafted wooden place cards to add to your wedding’s decor. We create simple to elaborate custom designs from various species of wood to match your wedding’s theme.

These place cards are perfect for any wedding theme as they display a sense of uniqueness to your guests. Our wooden place cards are sure to make a long-lasting impression for your wedding and a great souvenir to your guests.

We strive on perfection to ensure that our customers are always completely satisfied with, both our products and our service.

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laramy menu PlaceCards-Walnut-Calligraphy

Rustic Wedding Inspiration For Your Spring Wedding

With our level of expertise, Unique Custom Products creates products that will enhance the ambiance of your wedding. We offer wedding favors, invitations, table signs and menus, among other fine products designed from various species of wood. This will add uniqueness to your wedding’s decor while reflecting your sense of style.

Because of its natural base, a rustic wedding gives that feeling of oneness with nature and offers an intimate setting for couples.

Make your rustic wedding perfect. Contact us today.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Walnut Wood White Powder Fill- StacyHart laramy menu OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Invite A2 Alder Engraved OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PlaceCards-Walnut-Calligraphy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Table-Reserved-BluePine-PowderFill