Our Design Team

Nichele Bruntz graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. She has also taken numerous courses in Psychology and Media Studies. Nichele has been working for Unique Custom Products for the past four years and loves it. “I love working for UCP because our products are just so cool & unique, I get to work with a large variety of people/customers, and every order is different, which keeps things fun & interesting.” She also does occasional freelance work in her spare time.
When she is not designing and doing freelance work, Nichele enjoys painting, hiking, reading (particularly sci-fi/fantasy genre books), and loves ridiculously spicy foods, which helped her win a chili pepper eating contest in Alamosa Colorado!  She loves animals and has two rescue dog she calls her “furr-babies” and lives in our Alamosa office with her husband Bryan, a mechanical engineer.
                     Nichele Bruntz personal portfolio can be viewed at: www.nichelebruntz.wix.com/portfolio.
Niki Amoros has been working with UCP since February 2015. Niki has a Bachelor ‘s degree in fine art from the University of Colorado and an art history background. She is fairly new to the design game but is professional, personable, and a fabulous artist who enjoys bringing the client’s dream to life. When Niki’s not working away designing on Adobe Illustrator she enjoys teaching painting classes or running around outside in search of dogs to pet or ice cream to eat.
Niki Armos Personal Portfolio can be viewed at: www.nikiamorosdesigns.com